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The Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2, the latest and so far largest DLC we've developed, has been out for almost a week, and we're extremely happy and honored that it's been welcomed by our games' fanbase so well.

We would like to share with you some of the videos created by members of the truck sim community, reviewing the new map DLC.

Squirrel's Review

Daggerwin's First Look

Clumsy's First Look - Entering Finland
Nordrheintvplay's video (German language) (German language)

Mark Armstrong Gaming's First Look
Darwen's Creative Video

ArturPL's Video (Polish language)
There are dozens and dozens more, the newest member of our ETS2 family is getting a lot of attention on Youtube and Twitch. If you want to see more videos, there are more links appearing in the search results all the time:

Meanwhile, we are working on a small patch for the game and the DLC, to address several fortunately relatively minor glitches reported by the players in the past few days. We hope to get it to you in a couple of days.
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