SCS Blog: Belgian Paintjobs: The Value Of Feedback

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Apr 1, 2014
About a week ago, we released a new truck paint job set with Belgium-themed liveries. The goal is always to make the players from a particular country happy with each paint job pack added, but this time we have realized quickly that we had not done our research properly. Our choice of stylized Belgian Lion wasn't a particularly good one, and on top of it about half of Belgian players who have bought the new DLC felt that they were not properly represented there.

With this community feedback in hand, we have decided that we can mend things so that both major enthnicity groups of Belgium can be happier. Please welcome the reworked Flemish Lion and the newly added Walloon Rooster:

The reworked paintjob pack will be automatically downloaded through Steam.


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Jun 24, 2014
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First time they do that !
Have they been scared of Belgians ? :p

It would be cool if they make one brand new skin per DLC !
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