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Nothing so uniquely binds us together as humans than stories - especially stories with happy endings. We love to hear them, and we love to read them. We're happy to say we have one of those for you today, so please hear us out. As the old adage goes, Once Upon a Time...

We have many professional truck drivers amongst our community. We are proud to know that those hard working men and women appreciate our games and spend their precious free time playing our World of Trucks.

This time one of our fans embarked on a journey in the opposite direction - turning from just an average player of our games to becoming a real life professional. Meet Dustin Kochara, certified truck driver!

Dustin sent us an email which has made us immensely proud:

"I currently have 197 hours logged into American Truck Simulator (loving every minute of it) your Trucking Simulators have been a huge inspiration in my Career choice, I Graduated truck driving school with a GPA of 3.6 'A' grade. I am now employed at Reddaway (A local truck driving company on the west coast of United States).
I probably would have not known that this was my dream job had i not first played your truck driving simulators, but here I am! And it's funny though, all my instructors I drove with said I was the best driver they have seen in a while, and the best of my class, I was able to nail the backing portion of my test in one to two shots, and was able to do the 90 degree backing in one shot on multiple occasions, even though I have never even been inside a Tractor before in my life, and in my mind, I know your teams creations have helped me.

So, I just wanted to say thank you and your team for opening my eyes and realizing my dream, and achieving it! Also, I get weekends off, so I can continue playing your amazing simulators!"

At the present time Dustin signed a contract with the Schneider company and will cross 11 western states with a 2012 Freightliner Cascadia.

We are very happy that with our projects we were able to contribute to Dustin's success. We're wishing him good fortune and many miles of safe trucking across both the real and virtual west!
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Really interesting topic this, and something I've seen many debates on in the past!

I know that in my experience, having spent hundreds of hours on ETS2 when I came to actually driving everything just seemed easier, never really had an issue with steering, reversing or road position which apparently a lot of people do :P


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A beautiful story. Maybe I will become a truck driver one day, who knows :)
(I'll surely have a job linked to trucks anyway)
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Like @Max - because I'd played racing simulators so heavily with my steering wheel, when I was actually learning to drive, the only weirdness was feeling the road in my butt and the steering wheel being 10cm bigger. It felt very familiar, comfortable and all the more enjoyable. I'm not surprised that Dustin had managed to ace his trucking tuition with the aid of ATS - it feels authentic for sure.


I honestly don't think anything in a simulator can match real life. At work I drive large vans with tippers on the back, the largest vehicle I can drive with a full UK Licence. I thought it would be easy since I had been driving a car for 1.5 years and of course lots of hours in ETS2, OMSI etc. But I actually found it really difficult. Even though only a van, I was still far too close to the curb, often scraping it for the first few days. However, the things I found easy by just putting things I've learned in ETS2 into effect was, being able to brake with a full load in the van, even when overloaded, thanks to reading ahead with a load on in ETS2, and, reversing. I was already used to reversing into bays using just side mirrors from ETS2, and since I had been playing OMSI before I even learned to drive and ETS2 while learning, I never really used/use the rear view mirror in a car anyway, only the side mirrors.

However, coincidence or not, you decide, my driving instructor said I was the quickest learner he had ever had and that I took to it like a duck to water. On my first driving lesson, I had never even sat in the drivers seat of a car before, and within 2 hours I was doing 50mph up a dual carriageway.


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It's always true that the fact that people can learn and have experience from playing a game.

Me playing world of tanks, I spent hours in each different tanks and now for some reason I know some history and how each tank works. And yeah I read some tanks on wikipedia
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But can you now drive a tank? ;)
Driving a tank's actually piss easy - it's only two joysticks to control each track. My uncle has a mad story of burying one in the middle east when he was bored, but also driving in a convoy of 5 through central London to transport them. Safe to say, I think my uncle is a badass. :P

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The newer Bradley's and such are not much different that driving a massive car. Steering wheel , Brake Pedal , Gas Pedal. Operating the inner workings and accessories though is quite complicated.
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