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We'll be celebrating another important day for SCS Software today - the release of Euro Truck Simulator 2's large map expansion Beyond the Baltic Sea. We are counting the last hours and minutes to release. Here we go:

Beyond the Baltic Sea will be published today at 18:00 UTC
To shorten your wait, we plan to broadcast a live-stream from our just-established studio in SCS Software's office. It's our first experiment with streaming ourselves, so it may be a bit improvised, and the equipment and room setup is still not final, but it should be fine for today. We are looking forward to it a lot!

We plan to do a couple of interviews with people from the development team, answer some of the questions that may come our way, and of course we will play the new DLC live most of the time. You can watch the stream either on our Steam developer page or on Twitch. The broadcast begins at 15:30 UTC, so don't miss it!

As mentioned in the previous blog post, we will also publish three new national paint job packs bound with this expansion. It means that the players in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia will get an option to get and use their own unique graphics packs.

Typically, country-specific paintjobs are purchased by the players from the given country. But we know that there are some players out there who like to collect every DLC related to our game. So we have prepared a special sweetened offer lumping together the new map DLC with the paintjob packs of all the countries in it, including Finland and Russia which have been available for some time already. You may consider checking out this bundle first before clicking any other purchase button on the Steam Store.


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