Screenshots from my last few days of driving! (1 Viewer)


I've not one anything like this for a while, so decided I would now :)

Reversing onto the loading bay at Lidl in Geneve! Took a few attempts but I finally got in with no damage to the trailer! :)

Seen on one of the twisty roads on my way out of Geneve, this load was bound for Lorient(France) and was 870 miles long

Driving into the night on my way to Lorient...

Loaded with these big tube thingys, these are headed for London!

Decided I would make a quick stop at Le Mont Saint Michel on my way past to get a nice photo of my truck :p

Final photo, in bed behind a fuel station in Portsmouth, just after I came off the ferry! Was a good chance to test my new interior light too :p
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