Scania "S" - When do you think we'll see it in game? (1 Viewer)


Discussion on a lot of the ETS2 groups I'm in now seems to have turned to getting the new Scania "S" in game rather than how it looks.. There's a few people working on 3D models, but how long do you think it'll be until we see an official release of the truck?

For comparison, the new shape Volvo FH/FH16 was announced in September of 2012 and we finally got an SCS release on 24th October 2013, the Mercedes MP4 likely took longer, announced in June 2011 and finally in game in May 2015!

The wait also continues for release of the Renault Range T for ETS2, the Scania S's prehaps unintentionally similar competition.. ;)



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Yeah, that would be cool if SCS tell us that they are already working on it... :p
One thing is pretty sure : The new Scania will be in the game firstly as a mod, not as a new truck added by SCS !
I really hope that the mod(s) will be high quality (As the MAN by MADster, or the DAF by 50keda, Scania RJL...) ! And I hope it will be free ^^

So if I have to tell you a date, I answer you : I don't know !
Mods may appear in few days / weeks, and the truck by SCS could appear in few... years ? :p

PS: Let's focus on the Renault T and the MAN E6, please... Hahaha

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