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About us:
Scandinavian Logistics was started early 2014 by Kim Oterhals, Stian Wulff, Fredrik Hell & Tommy Sætherø.

We started out as a group of friends, but quickly escelated into a virtual company with over fifty drivers the first month.
Now, after three months, we are passing eighty drivers, our own webpage and TeamSpeak server which there is always people on and 1000 logged hours!
Our drivers have a lot of mods to choose between, depending on if you play Singleplayer or Multiplayer.
If you get a problem with ETS2 or any other game, do come over to our TeamSpeak and we will try to help you as good as we can.
We accept everone to our company, no mather where you are from!
Our admins is thinking new and innovative, and we are trying to stay as updated as possible.

Sounds like something you would enjoy?

Our Partners!

# Steam Group
# Instagram
# Teamspeak
# Website = ts3server://
# Facebook Group
# Facebook ETS2MP NORWAY
# ETS2 Norway Community
# Facebook Norway
# Facebook ETSN
Register here Today!

We arrange convoy's, truckmeets and much more up to several times a week.
Dangerous driving is completely unacceptable and will have consequences.
We want your opinions on how we should arrange truckmeets & convoy's.
All suggestions will be taken into consideration.
It never gets boring when you work for us.
We are always open to new members!
A joint Scandinavian organization.
We currently have 90 employees.
Eveything on the same page.

Short and simple!

Scandinavian Logistics Singelplayer Mod`s
We at Scandinavian Logistics have composed our own
library of mods that you can use in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
In this library you will also find the
official Scandinavian Logstics company mods and other mods related to us.

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thank you, i have now applied and hope i get in. this seems like a cool VTC and more importanley, jeg snakker norsk!:)

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