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SCS Software said:
Map production of ETS2 Scandinavia add-on is in the final stages. That's not to say it is completed, there is a lot of testing, tuning, and optimizing ahead of us. You should be aware that with the scale of the add-on, it will take months of polishing before we can consider our work ready for release.
Our map design team is taking great pains to get the feeling of the region right and to make the Scandinavian cities and environments as they are in real life.

Even though our programmers keep improving our tool chain for better efficiency, such detailed environments are harder and take longer to build than what we were used to only 2-3 years ago.
Of course not every part of the map can be made true-to-life based on a real location, but we sprinkle the world with such locations generously. Our hope is that such attention to detail will boost the fun with exploration of the world, especially for our players in Scandinavia who know these places very well.
Meanwhile, the quest to offer dedicated paint liveries for truckers in the countries where our game sells the best continues today, with the release of French Paint Job Pack DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Steam. Check it out!




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Wow, they are really working hard on this DLC. Definetly going to be a must-have! Paintjobs look nice, but I want a Bulgarian or atleast Balkan paintjob DLC :p


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Yeah ! French Paint Job Pack DLC ^^ Scandinavia DLC looks very nice :D I hope it will be very beautiful :)


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Are Trailers that have already been released are including in the New DLC? :mad1:

Just Joking. SCS are finally thinking creatively. Good Work.


Goodness... Those skins are getting crappier each time it seems. Litteraly just three vertical stripes and a cock on that truck. I thought it couldn't get worse than the German skins, which seemed like they just copy-pasted the German flag on the trucks.

Sure, I think it's fine that SCS wants a little bit extra reveneu with these skins and for $0.99 a pack it isn't very expensive either, but geez... They don't even try to make them look good anymore it seems.

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