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Welcome to Sandford Road Transport VTC



To Apply For a Role:
Our Teamspeak:



Our Teamspeak rules are:
1. No Micspam
2. No Offensive Avatars
3. Act Sensible as you will be Kicked
4. No Offensive Jokes
5. No Disrespecting Higher Management
6. No Offensive Avatars
7. No Power Abuse
8. No Spaming Chat
9. No Singing, you will be moved or kicked.
10. No Pokeing For No Reason

Our Ingame rules are:
1.No ramming, blocking, driving into other players.
2.Respect other players. Do not insult or annoy players.
3.No overtaking in convoy.
4.Give way to drivers who are moving on to the motorway.
5.If you are not active on ts3 after 7 days without notifying Management Why you are Not Active Then you will be removed from Sandford Road Transport.
6.Do not impersonate another player, especially a manager.
7.Keep distance between you and truck in front of you - AT LEAST length of full rig.
8.Do not overtake other players in convoy.
9.No under taking.
10.Drive safely.
11.If you see other player driving dangerously stay away from them. You can /report them to admin or record it.
12.All players should obey standard set of road laws.
13.Obey speed limits.
14.Don't block road. If you need to stop, pull over to the side of the road. Always make sure you are not in anybody's way.
15.5.You Have to Be in Teamspeak If you are Playing with SRT Members.
16.You to Have your Limiter On your truck.

Follow the company rules otherwise you will be giving a warning or a removal from Sandford Road Transport.



To become A member Of SRT Go to this link and Fill out the Application:


Good Luck
Yours Sincerely

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