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This mod is an attempt to map the country Russia. Many of us know ProMods for two best things, the stranded of Quality and Details, and for the vastness of their map but this mod is equally great.

One thing about this map that is missing in ProMods is that, ProMods does not localize some things about countries, like different car, different sceneries etc. But in the case of this Russian Mod is that when you drive around Russia you feel as though you were in Russia, you see Russian trucks going past and some more Russian stuff and best of them is the accidents, you can actually go past an accident scene like you can see some ambulance, a police car and some injured people on stretchers and when you switch to free cam view you can actually hear siren.

In this map the cities are not just few block of buildings but actually stretch a little longer. There are much much more to this mod than what I have said above. This will take your ETS experience further.

Authors : valera_t
The authors of objects : valera_t, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck
Authors prefabs : Valera_t, FLD, SCS
Author models for traffic : valera_t, goba6372, Jazzycat, kosa6414, onixer

Watch the Review of this mod By Sir Jambon here

Below are some ScreenShots of this mod.

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