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Welcome to the OMSI WIP subforum! This is a section to show off your Work-In-Progress OMSI projects, like maps, sceneryobjects, buses and anything else. Your new thread will not appear immediately as it is checked against the below requirements before being published:

Rules for opening a new WIP thread
  • The project must be big enough to warrant its own thread with update posts (e.g. map, bus or a collection of scenery objects), smaller projects (such as repaints, AI and HOF files) get posted in "What's on your workbench?"
  • Every new WIP thread must contain several screenshots or a video in the first post. These must be of the project itself - we won't accept a photo of the real thing or a map showing your planned routes, for instance - and it must show a reasonable degree of development (ideally more than 25% complete). This is because it is very easy to start a project but it is much harder to finish one, and dropping projects is disappointing to everyone involved and fills up our forums with clutter.
  • The project must be actively being developed with a fair chance of completion, and the intention to release for public download.
  • The thread must contain your own work or be posted with permission of the person carrying out the work. We will accept your own modifications of other people's work, but you must have permission from them first.
  • We'll accept payware, so long as the purpose of the thread is to show progress in the project rather than to try to sell the final product.
I need some help...
If you want help in learning how to build a map, please use the "Map Editing" Help Desk thread. If you need help with anything else, please post a new thread in the "Help and advice" section.

I've got this great idea!
If you have an idea for a project and want feedback on it before you begin, you can post it in the "Starting a new project?" thread.

I'm calling the project off
If a thread is inactive for more than 60 days or if the OP says they are stopping work on it, we won't delete it, but we will lock it and move it to the Archive section. PM a mod if you want to have your thread re-opened.

Have fun showing off your projects :)
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