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I don't know if anyone will want to use these but i was just messing about with IBIS and found these codes:
*I have been able to work these on all versions of the B9TL Volvo Gemini 2, the Volvo Eclipse 1.5 and the London Citybus C400R*

To include the letter U, type on the Numpad :
(Route Number)48
e.g (18)48 would give you U18 (for maps like Cotterell)

To include the letter N, type:
(Route Number)68
e.g. (18)68 would give you N18

To include the letters SB, type:
(Route Number)23
e.g (18)23 would give you SB18

To include the letter E, type:
(Route Number)74
e.g. (18)74 would give you E18

To include the letter M, type:
(Route Number)28
e.g. (18)28 would give you M18

To include the letter X, type:
(Route Number)36
e.g. (18)36 would give you X18

To include the letter S, type:
(Route Number)51
e.g. (18)51 would give you S18

*There are codes for the Dennis Dart MPD which are listed below*

8(Route Number)41
(To include A e.g. 8(18)41 would give you 18A)
8(Route Number)42 (To include B)
8(Route Number)43 (To include C)
8(Route Number)44 (To include D)
8(Route Number)45 (To include R)
8(Route Number)46 (To include X)



Hmm, it's not working for me? I tried using this on the C400 on Grundorf, just comes out as Bad Destination.
As far as I'm aware, the format for C400's IBIS is LLLRR where L = Line and R = Route. So keying in say 23 in place of "R" would mean the route 23 of this particular Line. Maybe you could make a video or something demonstrating this?
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Ok, I'll record a video explaining every bus I've listed as other people may want to see them aswell
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