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Hi peeps, i have just started making my first map and have a question regarding the Hof file. I have forgotten the ibis code to program the route number with the letter"A" eg: 38A at the end (038??)

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)



Again, all the programmable IBIS letter/symbol codes are in your OMSI 2 manual, page 70+ I believe. This thing is known as Kurs/Course. I don't think it's possible to have the "A" in the IBIS located at the back of the number, you have to use the 92E alt-menu to type yourself 38A and the destination display manually. However for AI Buses to display 38A I believe you set the "Line" in the OMSI Editor under Tracks & Trips to be 38A.
Unfortunate but hey we gotta deal with it!
Say you want to input an N to your number, to become N72 for eg. you would type 07235 to the Line/Kurs in the IBIS.
v--------- The Line number
v----- The Kurs number, for to display N
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Yeah... as @BestBear said, its most likely not possible to set A in the IBIS, the ones I know is E=10 (not sure) M=28, X=36, N=35 (numbers come after eg: 03835 for N38)

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