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I downloaded the Russia map, and decided to give a quick review.

I really like this map, you can tell its not the normal SCS map or ProMods. I will defiantly use it more and recommend it to everyone one. Please note that you need Going East to get the Full map to work, I dont have Going East and i have about or maybe over half of the map. So here are a few screen shoots of the Map.

So this is the place where i took the load to...

Here we go, heading out of the spot.

Yes there water you have to go through and no problems at all..

And here are a picture of a town in the map.

So if you like the looks of this map, Download it here:



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How was it when crossing the lake did you feel as if you were playing Spin Tires. ;)

I have been playing with this mod, never found this place. :(

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