ETS2 & ATS RevGaming VTC are hiring!


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Oct 26, 2018
Are you looking to join a great VTC that offers Discord Nitro and ETS2 & ATS DLCs as rewards?
Well RevGaming is the number 1 VTC for you!

:)We have no mileage requirements, so you can drive as much or as little as you want!:)

However, if you’re interested in doing lots of miles, then we also cater for that! We use Trucksbook, meaning there’s a competitive aspect to being here. We would love to be within the top ranks and I’m sure you would be too. So if you’re a serious driver, you’re also welcome here! But we are still a No stress, No Targets VTC so you will never be pressured to do anything. You must be 13 or over, however, to join and must speak English.

So what makes us stand out to other VTCs?

•We offer Discord Nitro and ETS2 & ATS DLCs as a reward to our drivers!
•We support both ETS2 & ATS!
•Unlike most VTCs, we don’t have a monthly requirement of miles each month.
•We have convoys 4 times every weekend, at different times so we suit different time zones. They're in both ETS2 & ATS!
•We have skins including, but not limited to: Scania R 2016, Scania T, Merc Actros MP4, DAF XF 105, SCS ownable trailer, Kenworth W900 and an official garage board! More are in development right now!
•We have many exciting things planned on our roadmap, aiming to set us apart from other VTCs. Want to be part of the VTC revolution? Join today!

Thank you for reading this, I hope it encourages you to join our fast-growing VTC today!
Our Website
Our Trucksbook Profile
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