Resource Approval

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AKA Danny Blue - CT Plus Metrobus Driver
Jul 22, 2016
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I uploaded my Go South Coast Livery Pack on Sunday and It still says resource needs approval, yet everything else I have uploaded has been approved in about a day. Anyone know what's up?


Going Dark
Mar 15, 2016
Some things can get approved quicker than others. The mods are trying their best but they may be spending time with family or have other things to do. i'm sure it'll be approved soon.


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Dec 10, 2015
It sometimes takes us a while to get through things, especially if we have something else going on or if there's something problematic ahead of it in the queue, both of which have been the case recently.

We download every file uploaded to the resource centre and install it according to the author's instructions. If the instructions are unclear, absent or just entirely wrong we'll reject it. Then we inspect the content itself to make sure it's of a reasonable quality and that it's not plagarising anyone else's work. If all is good we approve it - though obviously, this can take a little while, especially with a lot in the queue