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Pro Trucker ;)
Hello everyone,
Me again about engines. But I am taking Requests of Engines you would like to see. Maybe a better engine for like the tree or something to have some fun with. (I made a 10000000HP engine for Fun Lol) Anyway, if you would like one, You need to pick a truck and the HP (Which i can only do the trucks in the List below.)

- Daf .xf
- Iveco.hiway
- Iveco.stralis
- Mercedes.Actros
- Renault.Magnum
- Renault.Premium
- Scania R
- Scania.Streamline
- Volvo.FH16
- Volvo.FH16_2012 (My guess is this is the Newest Version of Volvo)

Again if you want one, Please pick a truck from the above list and the HP too.

Oh and I might post my 10000000HP Engine, Just for fun that is. :)



Pro Trucker ;)
Howmany 0s? O_O lol This would be need for speed. pufff not even need for speed. LOL
The one I made for fun was 10000000HP! I will take requests for engines only as that all I know what to do.
If you want I will post that engine up bit am gonna do one not as powerful to let some people test.

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