[Repaint] Yourbus 44 Flaxton Fictional/Realistic Repaint



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Yourbus 44 Flaxton Fictional/Realistic Repaint

Hello and thank you for download this Flaxton Yourbus 44 repaint for Flaxton Map made by me, which will be featured in the Flaxton V2 map route 44 UOY.44 for the volvo B9TL Gemini 2 as this is a Fictional repaint.

to install this drag and drop the files into yoru omsi directory.

If there any faults, then please contact me via the forums

This has been tested by me and is NOT to be uploaded by anyone else except ME. 

Thank You and i hope you enjoy this repiant

You Require: 

Volvo B9TL Gemini 2 by AD156

Whats New? 

Seat Textures changed to First Bus

This is Flaxton V2s Repaint and will be used on this map as part of route 44:

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