Renown Transport Repaint for Transbus ALX400

Repaints Renown Transport Repaint for Transbus ALX400 1.0

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Oct 26, 2016
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sambob_12 submitted a new download:

Renown Transport Repaint for Transbus ALX400 - Renown Transport repaint for V3D's ALX400 (donators only)

Renown Transport repaint for the Transbus ALX400 London version.

Requested by @jonathonlawrence_316 and is based on the real life bus Y438 NHK

If you have any suggestions for buses I should make repaints for, or have any problems with this repaint, feel free to tell me, either by sending a message, or posting in the discussion tab. :)

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Aug 10, 2016
My favourite reskin so far, thank you so much.

How about giving a Renown Transport reskin for the C400 a go? Not prototypical but I would love to see it!

Thanks again for your hard work,
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Mar 19, 2016
it is an amazing repaint, being able to drive a bus which I'm able to get on most day's is a great feeling, look forward to seeing more RT liveries being made for omsi 2 sambob_12 , plus some cool looking HT liveries :D
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