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Mar 20, 2016
Apologies for the lack of updates, sadly I had to pause developing and updates because of others’ selfish actions; particularly a group of four people within the UK OMSI community (who shall remain nameless until a later date) that leaked both mine and others' in-development projects (sounds, bus models, scripts etc).

Shockingly, one of those four is themselves a developer who had their work leaked in the past and was previously a trusted member of my London testing team. To exacerbate matters, the leakers then created fake social-media accounts in my name using info and photos taken from my personal Facebook profile, and when that was shutdown they created another one! Many people redistributed the leaked incomplete content, including UK OMSI Forum staff who I expect better of.

I do not point the finger of blame lightly; we know exactly who has leaked what. Anyone who participated or endorsed these leaks will not be part of future testing and I shall not be assisting them with any projects they may have, their names are mud amongst the tight-knit developer community.

I'm sure you can imagine how much time it has taken to investigate and counter this, time that would have been spent developing the London addon. And also the stress and worry inflicted upon me and others (remember, this is my livelihood). Incidents like this are KILLING future UK OMSI content; many authors have already decided against completing or releasing UK projects because they are fed-up of being stabbed in the back when it is stolen and sent around incomplete for selfish personal gain. If you circulate leaks or pirate, you are killing your hobby.

It is sad I must make such a public stand against these thieves, but we must not cower, especially when they try to intimidate with cyberbullying too,. Of course the amount of positive support has always outweighed the troublemakers and I thank those who genuinely support the London development team and its work. We shall now power on and finish London.

If you know any of these two-faced despicables, please ostracise them. If you have further knowledge of OMSI UK WIP leaks do not post it publicly, instead send whatever new information and evidence you have in-confidence by private message to Fellowsfilm staff and it will be passed on, thanks.

Rhys McCollin,
Lead developer for OMSI Addon London
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