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btv submitted a new download:

Radius Helper - Simple tool designed to speed up laying parallel splines.

Radius Helper Tool

This is a simple tool designed to speed up laying parallel splines. It will work out the radius of splines parallel to the main one so you don't have to go back and forth between OMSI and the calculator.
To use:
1) Enter the radius of the main spline in the box at the top
2) Enter the distance between the main spline and each parallel spline in the 'Offset' boxes (-ve...
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How can I find the offset. On Splines, it isnt like the Object file where it shows me the X and Y start points. The Splines it only shows Rotation, Length, Angle and Radius.
You put the road main spline radius in the top box but as I say the offset I cant find. Can you help? Sorry


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You could use the helper spline that comes with BotW, although that may not give you a very accurate measurement. What you could do is attach a road spline to the main road so that it points in the opposite direction, then swap it out for the road marking spline and add another one to the end. Then, set the radius of the first spline to what would place the second spline where you want it to be and then delete it.

Below is an example, although I've used a pavement instead. :)

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