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I was able to get custom channels to work. I went to shoutcast and looked for radio stations to use. Some of the http: links on shoutcast do not work some do. You just have to check different stations. All of channels works using this method.

Here is a link to channels on shoutcast.
SHOUTcast Radio - Listen to Free Online Radio Stations

Once you find a station you want to listen too go ahead and open the Live Stream.Sll file. This can be found in Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/. You can use notepad to view it.

At the bottom of the list you will see :

stream_data[195]: "|181.FM - U-S 181"

Basically what I done was copy the entire line and pasted it below. When doing this make sure to change the stream data number. So it should look like this:

stream_data[196]: "|181.FM - U-S 181"

Go back to that station you want to listen to. Click on it and it will give you a download for your media player. I use VLC but I am not sure if windows media player will work the same. It will open and you will start to hear the stream you just downloaded. For the purpose of this tutorial I used the first channel which is Awesome 80's

Once it is open right click on the name of the channel if using VLC and click on stream. The only thing you should be concerned with is the 4 digit code at the end. Copy it. It is 8000.

Go back to the live stream file and look for the line you added earlier and change the 4 digit number right behind It should now look like this:

stream_data[195]: "|181.FM - U-S 181"

You can now change the name which is after 8000|.

Save the file, start the game and click on radio and go to the bottom and click your station. You should now hear the custom radio ingame. Note you can also make changes to the file while the game is running. You just need to close then reopen the radio panel and what you just put in should be there.

Shoutcasts seems to have the majority of stations what will work in game so you should be able to find a station of music that you like from there. I hope that this helps you.
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