Maps Radington Reworked

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Rhys stirling

a B10' lad
May 4, 2016
In a real junction such as the one at the end of my road they include those lanes so you get out of the way of traffic wanting to go forward (I know they’re anorexic xD)
Yes I know that but why would there be one for turning left in the centre of the road


New Member
Aug 3, 2018
I've seen another junction like this on my travels in Essex. Really doesn't make sense until you realise it's actually extra turn space for Buses turning left


An Orange Bus
Dec 10, 2015
@Tom99962 Yeah, I found the street... :P seems like it's a bit wider with on-road parking bays rather than pavement parking? Or is Google Maps out of date? Looking good either way. :)