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Morden Master
Welcome to Radington, This is a UK based Fictional Map based Around Norfolk, So far I am in early Alpha and I will be Expanding and Updating, Regularly, So I hope you Stick along and enjoy my progress. In the First beta there will be 4 Cities: Radington, Redmond, Redforth and Whatley. There will be planned to be Radington City Airport with 2 Shuttles: S1 and S2. There will also be Redforth docks Along side the coastal Road running between Whatley. I hope You Like my Progress so far and you stick along with me from start to finish.
There are planned to be12 routes in the final release, but I might add more as I expand the map. These are: U11, U12, 164, Rail Replacement, the Park and Ride, Shuttles: S1 and S2, X5, 156, 57,X57 and the Seafront rider.
Here are some pictures of my current progress:













As This is my First map, I have no idea how to upload it, If anyone could send a Video or teach me How to, it would be much appreciated.
The destinations for the routes are as followed:
U11-University-Radington City Centre

PR1(Park and Ride) Redfurt City Centre-Radington City Centre-Radington City Airport-University
164 Radington City Centre-Redforth City Centre
U12 Redmond City Centre-University
RRS(Rail Replacement Service) University-Radington Industrial estate-Radington City Centre-Redforth City centre.
X5 Redfurt city centre-University-Radington-Radington City Airport
S1 (Airport Shuttle 1) T1>T2>T3
S2 (Airport Shuttle 2) T3>T2>T1
156 Redmond City Centre-Radington town centre-Radington City Airport-Whatley City Centre.

X57- Redmond City Centre-Radington City Centre-Radington City Airport-Redforth docks. Via Leatham Residential estate.
57-Redmond City Centre-Radington City Centre-Radington City Airport- Redforth Docks.
Whatley Wave: Whatley-Redforth


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Myles W

Or TBG for short.
Hi there. Since I have so much time on my hands at the moment, I am creating a UK-based, fictional map called Radington. I feel that I am relatively good at using Omsi 2 editor, but you shouldn't expect UKDT standards or anyone that good, as I am quite new. I am still updating and expanding it so this an early alpha version. In this there will 2 cities: Radington and Redfurt and there will be 2 major areas Radington Industrial estate and Redfurt Office estate.

It is planned to have 5 routes at the first beta version, and I will slowly add more as I expand the map. These are: 152, 163, 164, Rail Replacement and the Park and Ride
Here are some pictures of my current progress:
View attachment 31472View attachment 31475View attachment 31474View attachment 31471
View attachment 31476View attachment 31473
I would like it if you appreciated my work and my friend MisterMiniOreo for his great repaints.
And although this seems to be a great map I have no experience uploading maps do if anyone could teach me or send a link to a video that would be greatly appreciated, Another thing I would need to know is how to create a hof file both of these would be greatly appreciated.

The destinations for the routes are as followed:
152-University>Radington City Centre
PR1(Park and Ride) Radington City Centre> Redfurt via Radington Industrial estate
164 Radington City Centre> Redfurt City Centre
163 Redfurt City Centre> University
RRS(Rail Replacement Service) University>Radington Industrial estate>Radington City Centre>Redfurt City centre.

Although this map is still WIP I will show frequent updates on: Mondays and Fridays.(UK time.) And if I feel like it I might do other random updates .Also I hope you will stick with my project and hopefully you can see my progress from the start to finish and see the map expand.

My Friend, MisterMiniOreo's Livery is as shown:
View attachment 31503
View attachment 31507
Maps looking good, I would suggest using @Simplibus ' stagecoach repaint for it.


Morden Master
No I'm wasn't aware, Since this is my first thread and first Map. So I am still new


Founding Member
I normally just copy paste the original images into the message, that seems to work fine.



Morden Master
Hi Everyone I have been working hard and I will be releasing a Progress Update at 6PM (UK time)



Developing the Alton Towners map due this century!

The map's looking good so far.

Since I've gotten my head around creating hof files, I can help create some if you wish.
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