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I'm new to this so I do not fully understand VTC.

Is there any guide/tutorial about VTC where I can read rules and how to play in VTC?

And I have a few question:

1. Do I need new profile or can I play with my existing profile?
2. Do I need some special mod or maps?
3. If I join some VTC can I in my profile buy garage and hire driver to that garage or I just play for VTC?
4. How I choose loads and can I drive more than one type of load (for example, do I need drive just heavy haulage or can I drive any load?)

Sorry for many question. Any help is more then welcome.

P.S Sorry for any mistake in language. I'm not so good in english. :(



  1. It will depend on your VTC, but most will let you continue with your current profile
  2. Any mods you need will be given to you, but most companies will allow you to use map mods too
  3. You can hire drivers in game as long as you're still doing loads
  4. This will depend entirely on the company you join, some choose loads for you, some have various divisions you can join and some will let you do what ever you please :)


Thanks Max! :)

This helps me a lot to understand how that works.
Also, I read tutorial ''Guide to creating a VTC'', i did google research and now I'm familiar with basics of VTC.

My next step is to find good VTC where I can start driving. :)

P.S This forum is really helpful and friendly for noobs like me. :D

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