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SCS Software said:
At last, we are happy to announce that we are ready to start public beta test of update 1.14 for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

If you are willing to help, make sure to backup your existing player profile, and feel free to switch to the public_beta branch of Euro Truck Simulator 2 which you will find on Steam. Please use our forum to give us feedback and comments. Although we have tested the update vigorously over several internal builds in the past weeks, practice shows that during an open beta period usually even more problems are discovered and fixed. We strive to make the game updates as polished as possible. Thanks for your support and help!

Here is the development log of the 1.14 update

  • Liftable axles
  • Upload your World of Trucks profile truck from the in-game Screenshot Manager
  • Increased damage for overturned vehicles
  • Tweaked penalties for damaged cargo
  • Automatic transmission tweaked to better handle steep hills (such as the quarry)
  • Camera rotation based on steering and blinkers
  • Correct speed limit after using the train
  • Red light offense isn't reported if the player is too far inside a crossroad
  • More lenient wrong-way offense check to allow maneuvering in small crossroads
  • Better terrain profile interpolation
  • Many improvements in simulation: overturned trucks, damping of rear axles, gearbox


  • New truck: DAF XF Euro 6
  • New 6-wheeled chassis for (almost) all trucks
  • Substantial data fixes in most chassis
  • Added driver seats for DAF XF and MAN TGX
  • Small fixes in many models: sawmill, factory, wharf, quarry, trucks, trailers

  • New traffic rules: stop lines, city start/end, highway start/end, give way, priority roads
  • Improved driving rule priorities
  • AI trucks prevented from entering trains
  • Support for sleep time in traffic lights
  • Speed limit detection fixes
  • More realistic AI vehicle speed in curves
  • Many improvements in vehicle spawning, navigation, reviving, yielding, lane changing, overtaking, blinking


  • New, improved or fixed sounds: gears, horn, blinker, Scania V8 interior

  • Many map bugs fixed
  • Roads around Kiel and Rostock recreated
  • Steam Rich Presence: job information in "View more info" in the Steam friends list

  • Support for decal parts in road edge models
  • Support for multiple truck dealer definitions
  • Allow pedestrian spawning on models
  • Prevent crashes: non-existing parked vehicles, cities, invalid truck accessories, invalid backup data
User interface:

  • Truck browser shows all upgrades and their level requirements
  • Added option to skip cutscenes
  • Speed limit shown on dashboard GPS
  • Support for adviser page switching
  • Speed on adviser is more precise
  • Option to display the password on the login screen
  • Smoother camera movement in showrooms
  • Improved text pasting into input fields
  • Improved city name sorting
  • Updated localization and credits, fixed typos, clarified texts


  • Fixed blinking objects in mirrors
  • Support for mirror image scaling
  • Support for an additional front mirror
  • Support for flares with visibility capped by angle
  • Better rendering statistics
  • Edge look can be controlled by the attached road look
  • Better handling of vegetation detail with changing distance
  • Support for an additional low-quality vehicle LOD


  • Goto console command now accepts city names or their fragments (eg "goto aber" teleports camera to Aberdeen)
  • Improved miniconsole
  • Telemetry: more precise fuel reporting, job info
  • New cargo definition structure
  • Advisor definition cleanup
  • Content browser improvements
  • Per-sector weather climate profiles


  • Gamma correction of user-picked colors
  • Better handling of high-DPI monitors
  • Texture list
  • New toolbar
  • Sign editor improvements




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Changelog from the latest patch:
Komfr said:
Version (Steam build 421233):

  • Fixed advisor icons blinking during refueling
  • AI: Prevent crash in case of inconsistent prefab nav/map points
  • AI: Fixed dangerous actor obstacle check
  • AI: Added detection of AI trailers blocking neighbor lanes
  • Fixed ADR classification for fuel tanker cargo
  • Fixed stand for Trailer
  • Actros: Allowed sideskirt accessory for 6x2 taglift chassis
  • UI: Fixed AI issues near Cardiff
  • UK: Fixes blockages near Cambridge
  • Italy: Fixed missing end of map barrier
  • Fixed missing text in Gameplay options screen
At least Cambridge is finally fixed. :D Time to update!
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Totally enjoying the new traffic updates and realistic turning of the AI. Great update so far. Also the elimination of the speed limiter is awesome!


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Seems like more traffic I see, a lot of traffic jams, other than that not to many problems



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Does anybody know the changelog for the 2 updates that have been released for the 1.14 public_beta on Steam? Been trying to find a changelog from them but haven't been able to find it :p


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Does anybody know the changelog for the 2 updates that have been released for the 1.14 public_beta on Steam? Been trying to find a changelog from them but haven't been able to find it :p
I just Subscribe to this discussion on the Steam Community Game Forums.
Here are the changelogs:
Version (Steam build 430851):
  • DAF XF Euro 6 fixes: TrackIR camera, paintjobs, low poly interior, gear ratios, fog lights, rain, mirrors, sunshield, badge mapping, reflections, side spoiler collision
  • Updated texts and localization
  • More traffic data attributes visible to modders
  • Tweaked German license plates
  • Brick trailer was shown twice in browser
  • Tweaked rear axle damping with trailer attached
  • Fixed AI overtaking, yielding at intersections, patience-based timer values
  • Added support in code for shifter animation (automatic gearbox) and lifted axle indicator (animations in game coming soon™)

The Changelogs from update today:
Version (Steam build 433403):

This is a release candidate build. If everything goes well, update will go live after the weekend.
  • DAF XF Euro 6: tweaked interior, added XF on carpet, fixed material, shadows, cabin, 2nd UVs, XF decal tweaked, transmission, new paintjobs (Heavy Duty, German, French), retarder switch, new indicators, transmission animation, tweaked interior camera and steering wheel position, added control bones
  • Model fixes: truck dealer roof, garage, tollgate
  • Clarified log message about Steam stats when in offline mode or without connection
  • Fixed unwanted truck-trailer collisions
  • AI: don't use chassis offset when computing front/rear length
  • Don't allow pause during big game transitions
  • Increased lateral friction
  • Autodrop performed only on taglift and depends on speed and weight
  • Fixed retarder indicator check
  • Telemetry channels for powered/liftable wheels
  • Moved truck browser level text
  • Modding: adviser window's keep_aspect is moddable (game will decide the correct keep_aspect if it's set to none)


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Totally enjoying the new traffic updates and realistic turning of the AI. Great update so far. Also the elimination of the speed limiter is awesome!
You have been able to turn off the Speed limiter before this update.


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