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the british omnidekka
Oct 27, 2016
unfotuntly in this community when it started when the first uk buses where realsed and first uk maps this community where strong unfortuntly it has got to the point where a cetrain more higher viewed people in this comunity not accounting for all highly respected devs who put down creators new creators who try there best to add things to this community people compare the standard to all the new buses coming with london and the c400r and alx 400 also people trying ot change a person creation software this dosent help when your entire thread is full of people commenting the same thing there are so many great people in this community that interact with less well known people give them actual tips there are so many kind and supportive pepole in this community who help also on a discord for someones mods people will come in and trash it and when the creator (going to refer to the incident on my discord) puts his foot down i get threats such your in for one hell know of a ride and things like that i will not stand for it this community has to change also no arguments in this thread
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Armchair Developer
Nov 10, 2016
1. Spelling and punctuation.
2. When we said the same thing over and over again, it was because we wanted new quality contents for the community. Say you want to remove a screw from a board, and you decide to use a chainsaw; in theory you could remove the screw, but it would become an utter mess, so we try our best to convince you to use a screwdriver instead. That's basically what's happened in that thread. I'm not going to convince you to switch to another program here because it would be pointless, but I do want to tell you that we only did that because we thought it would be better for you.
3. I can't speak for others, but I certainly wouldn't expect myself to suddenly produce some very high quality model. When I started working on the Enviro400 City a while back, I was pretty satisfied with what I have done. As I get more experience, I realized that what I made wasn't that good compared to what I make now, and I'm certain that I will have the same thought in the future. Still, when I posted my not-so-impressive model, people were very supportive and offered their help. I don't think I've seen discouraging comments on this forum, but if you have, don't give up. Your skills will definitely improve as long as you keep trying.
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