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Jan 10, 2014
Just about sometime ago a ProMod developer Kutchek posted a promo video of their new update. There is a new city for all ProMods users to discover in the ever extending ProMods map.

The new city they have added in their France map is Bordeaux.
Bordeaux is a city in the western France known for its Wine.

Watch the promo Vid to know more.

If you have any queries regarding this map please direct it to @Nico

And to download the latest release of this map Follow the link HERE

All credits to ProMods and Team
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May 25, 2009
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Great work, but was he drunk when he was driving that Iveco?


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Feb 6, 2014
DaSquirrelNuts is streaming EST2 with Promods 1.6RC right now. I hope they're testing an update
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Jan 10, 2014
About an hour ago ProMods released version 1.62 of their map, and they have plans to start on 1.7
Which may contain everything below on this list:

- Antwerp (Belgium) and rebuild of Europoort
- New roads in Belgium and the Netherlands
- About 4-6 new towns in Finland
- 4 new towns in Denmark (Jutland)
- 2-3 new towns in Sweden
- 2-3 new towns in France
Total amount of new towns will be 10-15
Total amount of new roads will be about 1500km

Really looking forward for their next release

Below are some screen shots of the latest release.

As always download this map by clicking HERE

All credits to ProMods and SCSsoft


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Jan 12, 2014
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There's a set of official ProMods threads, Warrior. We need to get the latest update up when Nico's not busy though ;)

Can be found here
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