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I know that many of us will be worrying about what happens with ProMods after the release of the Scandinavian DLC so decided to pinch this from Nico's ProMods blog and post it here :)

ProMods Blog said:
The trailer for SCS’s DLC looks amazing. However this DLC will prove to be one of the biggest headaches here at ProMods.

We already saw alot of the DLC’s development over the last months and had access to it for some time as well. Still we can’t yet start on adding it to ProMods, as SCS will keep changing alot of things in the course of their beta testing. Every build can have numerous fixes in the map, signs etc etc. So we need to wait for SCS to release the DLC before we can even start with adding it to ProMods. And that is not even the start…

… Because we, as ProMods, have been updating our Scandinavia constantly. Some of our parts are very old and starting to get outdated (Norway for example). Other parts are fresh and new (Stockholm and Jutland). So we now need to decide what we want to keep. We weren’t overly impressed with SCS Denmark, so that is an area we could keep from the ProMods map. However, in Denmark, there are still cities which are very outdated because the majority were build in ProMods 1.0, back at the start of 2013!

Stockholm will be a huge headache as well. Our city is a lot truer to life than the SCS counterpart, but their Scania factory is a lot better than ours. And then there’s the matter of the Scania test track.

All these decisions and having to wait to make them, will only ensure ProMods won’t be updated soon after the release of the Going North DLC. Our users will have to be patient. They either going to have to play ProMods on an older version of the game, without the DLC, or they can start exploring the DLC without ProMods and wait for us to release our improvements.

As always we can’t predict a timeframe/release date. It will be ready when it’s ready, but we estimate 2 – 6 months to get our map adjusted to the DLC.



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ProMods shall be missed. I think I'll just install the disc copy of ETS2 and run ProMods on that.


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Never understood why people use promods, its just goes like this "Yay promod got updated with the new patch, 2 weeks later, SCS released a new patch, no promods! 2 months later, yay promods got updated to the new patch, 2 weeks later, a new patch that breaks the map

Woops, just angered more than half of the ETS2 fanbase

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ETS2 version update patches are smaller, If Map Mods have Smaller Patches I could be updated because when Map Mods update you will download it whole again (Big sized):(.

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