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Welcome to Medway!


Yes! Medway is a unitary authority comprised of a number of villages, towns and cities in Kent, South East England. The main areas of Medway include Chatham, Rochester, Strood, Strood Rural, Gillingham and Rainham.

Operator-wise, the main one is Arriva Medway Towns (part of Arriva Southern Counties), handling the majority of routes since taking over from Maidstone & District just before the turn of the century. Locals Nu-Venture also operate in the area, but to a much smaller scale.

The Project:

The project here is to replicate perhaps one of longest and most diverse (in terms of timetabling and scenery!) routes in Kent – the 191 operated by Arriva Medway Towns. Destinations in Hoo and Grain will be included. Consider this map to be semi-fictional; splines and objects from other maps will be implemented however when I gain the knowledge to create my own custom objects they will be dotted across the map. On the flip side, I can create my own junctions. I have tried to make the map as authentic as possible, however, in regard to height, I’ve halved the height to avoid extremely high hills. It will be set in 2019.

The Route:

Where to start? You’ll experience everything that Medway has to offer; from the beautiful villages of Allhallows and Lower Stoke to the bustling towns of Rochester and Chatham, and from the tight roads High Halstow to the marshlands of Grain. The 191 essentially has 2 routes; one to Hoo and one to Grain, both starting at Chatham Bus Station. I have a simplified route map below :)

  • 191 to Hoo (roughly 30 minutes)
  • 191 to Grain (roughly 50 to 65 minutes, dependent on bypassing Allhallows

I'm currently looking for experienced object and spline creators, so, if you are interested in helping me, please, drop a message!

FAQ (will be updated when required):

Q: Do you need help?

A: Yes, I do! If you’re experienced with object and spline creation and are interested in helping me, please, drop a message!

Q: When will it be released?

A: How long is a piece of string? I’m not sure, but certainly not 2020

Q: Can I be a BETA tester?

A: I have a few in mind at the moment but no, I am not currently looking for BETA testers

Q: Are you planning to release more routes?

A: Not sure, it depends how I feel when this is released.

Q: How much is completed?

A: At the time of writing, it’s hard to tell. Lots needs to be done.

Q: Have you got Discord?

A: Yes, but no group for this project unfortunately!
If there are any other questions you have that aren’t answered above, don’t hesitate – ask!

(18/08/2020) I now have a Discord server! Please feel free to join and receive regular updates! Join the Rod's OMSI Server Discord Server!

Screenshots: (please forgive me I'm terrible at taking them)

Medway Screenshot 1.jpg
Medway Screenshot 2.jpg
Medway Screenshot 5.jpg
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hiya, this loods amazing and its amzing that someone is finally doing a medway map, when you have finished it will it be downloadable for other andd enjoy at all, i live in medway and since getting thsi game all i want is medway route like the 191,101,132,700 and loads more. great work well done


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