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I have a problem with my maps, all of them that have german letters in their file names. This is from BAD Kinzau v3. My setup is Win 10 English language. i see that in Notepad it cant recognize the german letters so it says that these files are missing, but when i go in their folders they are there.

So I came into conclusion that it cant recognize the germanletters so it cant find the files

anyone else had the same issue and was able to fix it?

Thanks in advance,

Sceneryobjects\Nemolus Objekte\Verkehrszeichen\VZ_Mast_Vorfahrtstraße.sco
Splines\Nigthskull's Splin\Lärmschutz.sli
Splines\Nigthskull's Splin\Lärmschutz_braun.sli
Splines\Nigthskull's Splin\Lärmschutz_braun_groß.sli


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