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Hi Guys,

Following on from our recent release we're looking at creating our next pack.

Currently we have a Kraker pack in the works (Skin requests are welcome to add)

Along side with this we have :

Actros - Actros 1 skin, Salford, Hexagon Leasing
Range T - Demonstrator, Salford
FH - FH25, Maritime, Biomass
Scania - R Demo, XT Skin, Hexagon Leasing, Maritime
DAF XF - Hexagon Leasing

Ideally we'd like to stick more to UK brands as there isn't many skinpacks for the UK, however other European companies are welcome)

Leave your suggestions below :)
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Top job on the Krone pack! Hexagon use a fair few Renaults so would be cool to see them in along with the other 3 trucks, found a ref pic on google.

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