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I was curious about all the post ratings you could give so I did abit of research and this is what I found :)

Post ratings
Thumb up - You like the post
Thumb down - You dont like the post
Green tick - You agree with the post
Red Cross - You disagree with the post
Smiley Face - You find it funny
Gold star medal - The post or comment is a winner, such as five always
Blue "i" symbol - The post was Informative
Red heart - The post was friendly
Wrench - The post was useful
Rainbow - The post was optimistic
Paintbrush - The post was creative
Alarm - The post is old...
Blue tick and ABC - this post has bad spelling
Brown box - The post was dumb

Remember to not be to critical with the dumb and spelling ratings as we don't want any arguments as this should be a fun and interactive place to be :)



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I found out what each thing meant by hovering over the icon with my cursor. Shows up in a little box next to the pointer - but nice thread anyway. :)


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