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Are you hyped for this bus?

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This project is also being developed by Mr. Mostochio


Oh it's just beautiful!!!! Everyday we get a little closer to driving this masterpiece. Are the windows opaque because it's on Blender, @Lukeyboi ?




EYMS Buses Really Mean Business
Absolutely gutted to hear about this. One vehicle down from my fictional company, and one vehicle down from my livery pack.

Regardless, from what I've heard, this is due to Luke getting into Year 11 and preparing for his GCSEs. Seems logical - it's best to offload a time-consuming and stressful side project in favour of getting that education. I mean, think about it: what's more important? Getting GSCE grades that can probably land you a good job, or snapping together a vehicle for a game?

Going from what I've been through, I say the former. Good luck in your future endeavours. Here's hoping it might come back... next year?
I'm really sorry to hear about the Trident's cancellation! :(
I was really looking forward to the President, it seemed to be such an exceptionally high quality piece of work.
Yet I can understand it 100%, if life gets in the way of the development of this bus, then the development of this bus will have to wait until another time.
I really hope that some day the development of the bus will start again, and that some other day in the future, we'd actually be able to get behind that Trident's awesomely modelled steering wheel. :eek:
Anyways, I wish you good luck on those GCSEs, Lukeyboi! :)


I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of people who have done their GCSEs in saying that they should take priority over certain 'hobbies' to an extent, purely due to how it can affect future opportunities.
As someone who has witnessed the project grow, I wish Luke all the best!


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We're back in business
It's awesome to hear that! :D
How did the GCSEs go? If you're back in business, I assume they went great?

Also, that Pressy looks absolutely phenomenal! :eek:
It looks as if you imported the Plaxton President into your computer, straight from reality! :eek:
I just wish I had 3D-modelling skills like that... :oops:
Anyways, I'm really hyped for the Trident's release! o_O

Also, are you redoing the interior? It's nowhere to be seen, neither in this picture nor in the workbench one a few days ago...
Thanks in advance! ;)

BTW: I noticed how the bus is now 'Un-cancelled'. Nice!

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