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About Us:

Planet Express VTC are now recruiting! Planet Express was founded by Krypton on the 26th of September 2015, our aim is to be the biggest VTC on the roads of ETS2MP. We believe that every detail counts, no matter how big or small it may be. Our drivers are known for being courteous and respectful to other road users and abiding by the rules.


You must be at least 13 years of age.

Be able to speak and write English fluently. (It does not have to be your first language).

You must be an experienced and knowledgeable driver. (There is no minimum amount of hours you need to have spent on ETS2).

Respectful to fellow truckers.

To not already be in a VTC (Virtual Trucking Company)

In your application please state the following;

Your age.

Steam username. (This is so I can invite you to our steam group).

ETS2MP ID URL, (Example

Fill out the form completely.

Why you would like to join.

*Please follow the instructions above, if you choose not to your application will not be accepted*

Our fleet.

We use the 2014 Volvo FH as our company truck, our official paintjob can be seen on our website.

Pictures. (More coming soon).

Other Info.

After you have been accepted please add the [PLX] tag onto your username apply our official livery. (http://planetexpress.../our-fleet.html)

We chat using discord instead of teamspeak, PM me if you would like a server link.

Visit our website! (

Feel free to contact me via ETS2MP Forums or my steam profile. (http://steamcommunit...561198136556412)

Apply here;

Maybe we will see you driving for Planet Express in the future!
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