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Fluffysss [BE]

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Hey Guys!
We are looking for new members at our new VTC.
We got our own forum for communication and even a chat function.

Let me introduce myself:
I'm Bryan owner of the Pixota truckers.
i'm 19 years old and very excited about truck sims.
I know the driving rules and use them in ETS2. So i want to experience them in a truck.

Pixota truckers is currently a company of 3 truckers,
And we're searching for more truckers!
If you want some fun and online friends, Pixota truckers is the right company for you!

Pixota truckers is a (in) Belgium founded company.

Please visit our VTC forum (with rules) http://pixota.be/topic/74-rules-and-info/
and directly our VTC at http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/company/6275
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More information and structuring needed please. :)

The effort you put in is the amount you'll get out of your advert here.


The Dickhead
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Just check out the companies here that plaster their threads as if it were a website, graphics, logos, custom designs, etc. They turn out to be massive, very quickly, if that's what you're after. :)

Look forward to seeing some pictures and updates soon!

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