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United Trucking VTC

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Managing your Virtual Trucking Company has never been easier!
If you plan on using my CMS, I'd appreciate if you'd give me your thoughts down below. Thanks!

Picmount VTC CMS is a fully-functional virtual trucking company manager with endless
opportunities and features.
Created from PHP, this project offers a secure way to manage your virtual company.

Picmount VTC CMS has a vast amount of features with new features constantly being developed.

• Secure Login/Registration Form
• Dashboard to all links
• Admin & Moderation Panel
• Log Jobs, Incidents, and Maintenance
• User/Bug Report System
• Fully Functional PM System (with notifications)
• View Company Stats
• View User Stats
• View archived log of jobs, incidents, and maintenance
• Users can track & see resolution of reports
• News system, managed by admins
• Announcement system, managed by admins
• View user profiles
• Moderators can ban users, manage logs & manage reports
• Admins can add/remove mods & admins
• Automatic version checker. Keep you up to date on all versions.

• User Account Settings (in dev)
Events (in dev)
• Ban Users by Search (in dev)
• Change Company Information (in dev)
• Fresh, Clean, New UI Layout
• Mobile Friendly Version
• Live User Chat
• Whitelisted Version (in dev)
• Option to Close Registration (in dev)
(in dev) = Currently In Development

Currently no known issues.
If you know of an issue or bug,
Please contact me via this forum,
or via email [email protected]

Currently licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0
All licensing information is included with the file and
inside the github.

1 - Create a new database and import db.sql
2 - Delete db.sql from root
3 - Edit 'connection.php' & fill in your database connection information.
4 - Upload contents inside website root folder or subfolder
5 - Enter setup.php (ex: http://website.ca/cpanel/setup.php)
6 - Enter the following information needed and finish setup.
7 - DELETE SETUP.PHP FROM ROOT FOLDER -- Failure to do so will allow your CMS to be overwritten by the general public.
8 - Login, and finish profile setup.
9 - Complete. Enjoy your new VTC.

Github Repository: https://github.com/Kielly32/PicmountVTC

• Minor appearance changes to UI
• Minor UI issues fixed

Currently Working On
Profile Settings
Events Page

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First thanks for the script. This could be start to proceed with my VTC set up. But is there still an update in progress?

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