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After countless hours of coding, and days of not sleeping I can now say Picmount's custom CPanel is releasable.
Picmount Logistics aims to create a VTC where users can feel welcomed, and at home.
From recognition, to events and contests; Picmount aims to be the VTC everyone wants to flock to.
Below I'll list most of the important things you should know about Picmount.

Here's a list of what our CPanel has to offer:
(our CPanel is in early beta. the features you see here is not the finished product)

• Login/Registration Form
• Dashboard
• Log Jobs
• Report Incident
• Report Maintenance
• Report User/Bug
• Current/Upcoming Events
• Recent News
• Total Company Information
(ie: Total Profits, Employees)

In order for our VTC and community to run smoothly, we have a few rules you need to follow by:

Follow all road laws accordingly. Under no circumstances should these laws be broken.
Drivers are expected to be active. At least one job a week.
Respect is key. Anyone caught bullying, harassing, or fighting with other players will have their position terminated without warning. No exceptions.
• For obvious reasons, you may not "work" for other VTC's while with Picmount.
Must be over the age of 16. Exceptions may be held if you're currently the legal age to drive within your province/state.
• Hacking, exploting, or looking for flaws with our system, or the game itself is prohibited.
Log jobs truthfully. False logging in order to get top of the leaderboard is strictly forbidden.

If you're able to follow along by these guidelines, you'll have no problem getting a position on our team.

As stated before, Picmount is currently in early beta and we're adding to it everyday!Here are some of our planned features:(These are in no particular order)

• Functional User Message System
• Earn Points (Earn points every job which will allow you to spend in CPanel)
• Possibility of program so users won't have to manually submit jobs
• Updated User Settings
• User Created Events
• Official Discord Channel (releasing soon)

Coding a website is hard work.We're looking for an experienced web developer who's willing to code for a spot on our staff team.I'll need help, advice, and code written for particular aspects of the CMS.
If you're interested and not worried about slugging through rough code made by a beginner,
contact me using the contact form on our website (http://picmount.ca/contact.html)

Visit us at our website: http://picmount.ca/
Read our rules and understand them: http://picmount.ca/guidelines.html
Finally, join us by clicking here!

Your application will be sent off via email to the admin.The admin will receive a notification
You'll be redirected to a test page.
If you pass this test with 100%, your account with auto activate.
Meaning you won't have to wait for admin activation.
Otherwise, admin activation could take up to one hour

Please take into consideration that our cpanel is an early beta. If you experience any trouble, be patient and report the bug/error at http://picmount.ca/cpanel/report.php

Thank you so much for considering Picmount Logistics and your choice for a VTC.

See you there!
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