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Phoenix Haulage
You call, We haul!

Hi there and welcome,

We started in 2017 with this vtc.
We try to do things on a different way.

We wanne make sure that our drivers get what they need to complete a load.
We also work hard that they have a skin for the trucks.

We have some small rules:

  • No speeding
  • No ramming
  • No blocking
  • No swearing in the chat
  • Use our Multi player skin or single player skin
  • Always run the logger for you load or do it by hand!

We dont like inactive drivers.
Off course there is always a reason why you cant run your loads.
Please inform one of the managers about it.

You feel like youre fit in the VTC.
You are more than welcome.
Join us and come to our discord.



See ya on the road!



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