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Apr 1, 2016
Just as a general note, when uploading your Paper Bus Nets on here, can you please state the original author of the drawing (usually Peter Fray, although don't use this as rule of thumb). Most nets have copyright details on them, these should remain no matter where/how it's reuploaded.


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Nov 26, 2016
Astroma (COMPANY).png
due to the amount of passengers riding on the 987 from liverpool-Manchester VIA bradford we at Bradford Transport LTD have acquired some van hool Astron in this pic you see 69314 (BD60 LTD) with the rear advert advertising the new coach with the following Sentence.. (Our routes are expanding And so is our fleet So here is our new van hool Astron) and we have recently updated our rules on board the coach with no hot food or alcohol due to complaints with A. peoples food making the coach smell and B. people where getting drunk and being Drunk and disorderly with one driver almost getting attacked. but now we shall say goodbye from that and on to the future.
We have also added front, rear and side desks from Hannover Destinations so the drivers don't have to us paper ones

(Paper bus net info,
Author: Peter Fray (I think)
Edits: Me
Livery: Me)


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Apr 19, 2017
Hi How I Can Make Paper Buses Because I Like Paper Buses
on MS Paint (or at least that's what I use)
and you can draw your own (using rectangle tool, line tool, circle tool etc to make it)
or download and colour in an existing paper bus (using paint bucket, and line tool to separate the colours)