Paper Buses

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westmidlandsbuses on flickr & instagram
Jan 30, 2016
My fictional bus company is based in the West Midlands. Trading under many aliases before, such as "WMBus" for example, we have now rebranded ourselves as *simply* the West Midlands Bus Company. We are the largest operator in Birmingham, with smaller operators in Warwickshire (Warwickshire Bus Company) & Bedford (Bedfordshire Bus Company). Below, you can see how our livery has changed since 2014. The second photo shows an interim livery, whilst we underwent the change in branding. Customers would be able to distinguish our buses from others, due to our trademark "red swoop" - this has since been dropped in our latest livery (inspired by the B5TLs operated by University of Wolverhampton)

2079 jpg.jpg
10301 jpg 2.jpg
10301 jpg 1.jpg
51307 sustainable travel jpg 1.jpg

DISCLAIMER: All modifications have been made by myself. Unless otherwise stated, nothing is available for redistribution - under the requests of the original creator. These nets have been modified for my own private use.
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Five pound sixty?!
Oct 30, 2016
If FirstBus operated MCV Evolution bodied MAN 14:220 vehicles. The logo on the rear is supposed to be like that.


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Jul 3, 2016
I'm very late to this thread but here is a fictional Lothian Buses livery on a B7TL.



Five pound sixty?!
Oct 30, 2016
FGM 41542.png

First Greater Manchester 41542, actually a First Essex vehicle, but semi-fictionality is always good.