Paper Buses

Would like like to request happen?

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Resident Ellie Rose Spotter
Aug 5, 2017
I make paper buses just to stare at on my laptop. Problem is, ConnorAndJack, or whatever it's other name is, got deleted recently, so now I have to make alternatives via shady methods.

I'll upload my MTA Trident when I get the chance, though. You can definitely tell where I got the net from.


westmidlandsbuses on flickr & instagram
Jan 30, 2016
I have a Flickr page which I post a photos and images of paperbuses; like the one you see below.

This net was originally a Eclipse Urban 2 bodied Volvo B7RLE net; I modified it to look like the Lothian East Coast Eclipse 3s! seen in NatEx West Midlands livery. please note: it is not entirely accurate, which I am fully aware of. ;)


that annoying one from Leeds
Oct 30, 2016
So it's been about three months without anything happening in this thread, so I'm gonna put it back to life (I mean I bet I'm the only person to post here ever again but meh).