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Hello, So I've just got into making maps/wanting to. I've got couple of British packs, iomex, road-hog and whistlehead but I've got a problem which I can't overcome yet everyone else does.

When I place down a road, I can literally never find a junction, crossing, etc which is the same. What I mean is, although the size may be the same, they have slightly different textures, in the editor I can notice one road is lighter than the junction. I'm asking for some advice on how I can match roads and junctions/crossings.

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If you're using the iomexLH pack, you'll probably have the outdated textures which don't match properly. If you download Cotterell, you can get the newer textures. I'll be doing a texture update for the iomexLH stuff later.

With regards to the junctions themselves not matching up, you have to pick carefully based on the name of the spline you're using. M-R splines are named after roads in Berlin and will have appropriate counterparts in the crossings list. For example, if you're using the Altonaer Straße spline, you'll use the 'Crossing Altonaer' junction object.

Simplestreets converts and M-R splines/crossings are not compatible. Other than that, it's a case of just getting used to it.
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