Buses Optare Solo 8.8m (M880) [Slimline]

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The British Gamer

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Dec 29, 2016
Now I know what you guys are going to think when I say I have started this in Google Sketchup, but I personally think it is a good program for starter projects such as this. I plan to release this to the community once it is good enough.


Q: What Variant are you releasing?
For now, the M880, I will be starting a M850 soon!

Q: What length(s) are you releasing?

A: For now, I am only creating the M880, but I may release others depending on the buses success.

Q: Why use Google Sketchup?

A: I’m using this program as I believe it is good for people like me who are new to the world of bus development, I know a lot of people and possibly even me have moaned at developers for using this program but I don’t really mind what others think.

Q: Will you be showing us from time to time the bus in Blender?

A: I may if people would like that. I would just need to learn more on how to do this.

Q: Can I be a Beta Tester?

A: Absolutely… NOT. I will be picking out a team of trusted people when I feel this bus is ready for Beta Release, and currently it is nowhere near.

Q: When is the Planned Release?

A: Currently, even I am unaware of this at the minute, I will be able to confirm a date closer to release (Which will be about two weeks prior to the release.

Q: Can I become a member of the development team?

A: At the moment, no. If I feel I need help within the project, I will privately ask an experienced member for help.

Q: Can we see some pictures of it so far?

A: Yes!

Development Pictures:


(Side Note: I know that I will have to get rid of the rear colour in the lights)

I will be posting pictures of my overall development each weekday (So not Weekends)

Please give me any constructive criticism that will help me improve this.


The British Gamer
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Jan 1, 1970
I think you should attempt to obtain some blueprints first, and get as much reference as possible in order to help you get the basic shape a little more accurate.

The British Gamer

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Dec 29, 2016
Today's progress: REALLY SLOW!

- I have been mainly focusing on cleaning my progress so far. That includes a rear right wheel!
- For some reason there was a line going across the whole left side and therefore, that has been removed.
- I have been working on the windows and the side destination box.
- I nearly had a meltdown because I thought I had got the variant wrong.
- I have also been searching for a blueprint. If anybody has a blueprint for me, please send it to me via DM.


I have to regret that's all the progress I have to show off today.



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Jan 1, 2018
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I strongly advise against using Sketchup. Blender's much better.
I get your trying to help but at the end of the day it's his choice and you or anyone else saying "use blender" is just going to get on his nerves and he will end up not keeping the community updated on progress just so he doesn't get 100's of the same "use blender" comments. I'm sure he knows the downside of using Sketchup over Blender but We all have to start somewhere, I started using Microsoft Paint for repaints before I moved to Paint.net and quickly realised the difference but I stayed with the software I knew how to use until I felt ready to make the jump to a different software so he will probably do the same when he feels he has the confidence to do so.

@The British Gamer I support you on this project and look forward to seeing the progress over time, and thank you for trying to help bring more UK buses to Omsi 2 as its something I don't have the patience to do personly :)

The British Gamer

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Dec 29, 2016
I strongly advise against using Sketchup. Blender's much better.
As HD said, I'm not going to be the cause of another blender and sketchup argument. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm much better in Sketchup and will continue to use that program until I learn Blender enough to continue on using that.
We’re not going back to this...
Thanks HD.

Thank you for everybody's continued support. As I stated, I will be continuing with Sketchup for the time being.
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Joshua Ramsden

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Mar 4, 2017
I'm glad to see this being created, as alot are used in my area's despite me hating the buses when I'm catching them I'm glad it's being created, blender or not, I still don't know how to use blender either it isn't easy so I don't blame your choice for sketchup, Once This releases maybe in the future will become apart of my Greater Manchester Map :) Keep up the work.


Mar 25, 2018
Very good an optrare solo is needed in omsi for a small UK bus which there is not at the moment - they're lovely buses too!
I agree with that I love the Solo's but another bus that is also lovely is the Versa they are really nice.
Where I live we have about 6-9 of the Which Do the X2 From Cardiff To Porthcawl and then the 85 from Porthcawl to Sandfields
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