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P674 MLE

P674 MLE Your Local West London Step Entrance Dart
Apr 6, 2018
Favourite Truck
Something Very odd at crystal palace today , it was an alx 400 in london soverign livery ( of wich london soverign dont own any alx 400's ) and it appears to be refurbished . XDZ 992 is its license plate wich isnt even recognized by the dvla , and to make things more obscene it has blinds from southern transport's route 3 . London soverign said " we do not own this bus and dont know how or who has obtained it where . we have never had any alx 400's and london untied never had any refurbIshed like this " it is very odd an nor can enthusiasts TFL or any london bus operators find who owns it , also there has been no driver seen since it was reported to be supposedly dumped in the bus station in the early morning .