OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

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Euan B

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Oct 27, 2016

Local news is reporting that the Mercedes Benz Citaros are only a stop-gap solution until the new buses have arrived.


Apr 24, 2017
Finally had the motivation to rework my First Express repaint! :D. I've completely redone the whole repaint from scratch, as the first one wasn't the best quality.

The repaint is currently in WIP stages and I still have the interior to complete.

Below is the 56 batch variant. I am also working on the 63 batches, both will be updated here soon: C400R - First Express Yourself

Thanks to @Blastella for providing information and images that helped me recreate my repaint to a better standard ;)

Edit: Repaint shown below is V2, which isn't out yet, but will be updated soon: C400R - First Express Yourself (currently version 1.1)

Map: BotW 3 Alpha - Map is far from final, and not representative of the quality of the finished product. Bus: C400R
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Dec 22, 2017
Finally finished (the exterior) of this one...

Recently transferred to Cotterell University is Ex Wilts & Dorset HW52 EPU. This has been repainted into a temporary livery whilst a new livery is being designed for the new vehicles that are due to arrive later this year. Repaint is still WIP.
That is just beautiful, never thought the BU's livery could fit so perfectly, and definitely wouldn't have thought of incorporating Cotterell into it. Got to be my favourite so far, keep it up mate.


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Jan 15, 2016
At the start of this month a few small changes took place due to the Central Square redevelopment project. Most affected services were adjusted to use different stops nearby, with the 92, 93 and the 94 being supposed to terminate at a new bus stop on the opposite side of the road. As this was not ready on time however, those services are still using one of the old bus stops for the next few days. Two MAN Lion's Cities are seen here at Wood Street waiting to operate services to Penarth and Barry as St. David's House is being prepared for demolition.


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Apr 20, 2018
First Virtual are very busy in Scunthorpe today!

after this screenshot was took there was a minor crash that caused the fence to be re-built.