OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

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W942 ULL

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Apr 6, 2018
Here is SN56 AWA it has been recently transferred from stagecoach merseyside and south lancashire to stagecoach south west ( devon ) . It has been repainted in western national's green and cream livery . it is allocated to route 35 and has a temporary fleet number 19825 it is soon to have its old fleet number back . this is fictional please remember .

the interior is from @Jason 's enviro 400 repaint pack
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Oct 25, 2016
At some point will this be released?
That's the idea. But I can't say when. There's still a lot to do: modelling the cab, texturing and so on. But the hugest task is the scripting. The RM runs on scripts taken from the Daimler Fleetline but I didn't get any reaction from the author if I will be allowed to use these scripts, so I have to write them entirely new. Beside that there are some new scripts necessary e.g. for the doors as an RM hasn't any doors but the Fleetline has. I hope you see, why I can't give any forecast.

Cheers, Matthias


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Oct 10, 2018
Go Ahead Acquire Devon Operation

Recent News Is that Go Ahead have bought the struggling operator First Bus operations in Devon as of next week first bus will cease operation within the Totnes and Paignton Area Vehicles have started to arrive from Go Ahead London to Help Kickstart The Operation next week with more vehicles expected over the next week here are three examples LK12 ARO , LK12 AFV , BF60 UVH all Wright Volvo Gemini 2 B9TL's These are the first three that are going to be converted to single door configuration and repainted.
Also more bad news for struggling operator first bus is that there Bath University contract is under investigation for poor operating standards and that Go Ahead are ready to step in to run the contract

More News To follow

W942 ULL

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Apr 6, 2018
Ex Stagecoach Cumbria MX55 KRU is seen leaving paington zoo on its way to totnes because it has recently joined the stagecoach south west depot it's display's haven't been fully updated with devon bus being the only display possible at the minute . this bus will be allocated to route 14 and route 35 .