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Hello all,

Took a week off to visit Berlin in September, never been before and having seen some Sightseeing MAN SD200 pictures online I was hoping they were still about. Sure enough, these ex-BVG Berlin machines are still around! Having driven many of these on OMSI when it first came out I was pleased to see these for the first time in the flesh!

Here are some pictures, but I have all the buses in Berlin I saw on my Flickr gallery: Buses in Berlin

Didn't get time to go on any of them, I'm looking at going back again and getting a hop-on hop-off ticket with one of the operators for a day out on these.






Living in the editor
LOL iomex. James can i ask, did you get any photos of proper BVG buses used today? Ride on any routes we've not got in OMSI. I was recommended the 133 from U Haselhorst through the Berliner Forst and then over to Helligensee, which we then did a 124 to Rosenthal then an X33 to Rathaus Spandau which comes over the U Alstadt Spandau bridge into where the 92 does a U turn back towards Frankenstrasse.

Then took an Regio train back to Zoologischer Garten as the Kurfurstendamn is by far the best part. X10, 110, N10 109, 101 and M29 and M19.

Sorry i've been 4 times already and got a all Berlin bus map

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