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Hey, I have been playing OMSI 2 for a while now, I now use a G920 for it and I am having problems moving my bus. I have got my settings like this (Pic below) and they don't work and I have tried other things like this (Pic below) and still doesn't work. Does anyone know why or what the settings should be?
prob 2.PNG


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What you need to do is check all the other controllers are not active (in the tick box) make sure the g920 is the only one active. then configure it


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Have you made sure that your wheel is the control method being used in game? Pressing K toggles between keyboard and controller.

Also, are you running the Logitech Gaming Software while running OMSI? It alters how games see and interact with the wheel. Without it on, OMSI may falsely recognise the wheel.

I also note you're using bi-progressive steering - with a 900 degree wheel like the G920 there's little point in that, using linear steering is usually preferable, though that's a matter of personal taste.

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