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United Trucking VTC

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Manager applications now open - http://unitedtrucking.net/manager-application/

Only accepting 1-2 applications. You have a time period of 24 hours before the application closes and I personally review them.

About Us:

United Trucking strives to achieve the best in our employees. No job is too big or to small and we make sure our customers are happy upon arrival. We are a strict, English speaking company that do not accept any rules to be broken under any circumstances. Any employee that believes it is okay to break the law will be laid off without any notice.

Anyone looking to enroll with United Trucking can do so by filling out an application on our website. We have staff constantly monitoring all applications and we will be looking forward to reviewing yours!

Requirements can be found below

Demerit System:

We believe that all employee's should be punished if any rule breaking was committed, below is a list of what your demerit points will earn you:

  • One Demerit - Stern Warning [Usually we jump right to two demerits unless the offence wasn't major]
  • Two Demerits - Dash Cam [We will require that you at all time have a dash cam rolling in your truck (Fraps)]
  • Three Demerits - Two Day Suspension [We will revoke your privilege to drive for us for a two day time period]
  • Four Demerits - Two Week Suspension [We will revoke your privilege to drive for us for a two week time period]
  • Five Demerits - Lay Off Slip [We will send you a lay off and you will be unemployed]
**Each individual demerit point takes a week to go off our system, if you have two demerit points, it will take two week's for you to have zero demerit points again**

The System:

We currently use WolfVTC (source) - a WordPress plugin along with our fully functional WordPress site.

Registration is closed so any participants will be required to fill out an application on our main site and upon acceptance an admin will create the account in which you can login to access the VTC Panel.

In order to have your reported job marked as approved you will have to link a screenshot of proof that you completed the job in "other notes" section.

Just like any other VTC, we too have requirements and expectations. Although we may have more than your average VTC we implant them to allow employees to have the up most fun and enjoyment.


  • Follow all traffic laws and ETS2:MP rules
  • Work at least one job every three days
  • Drive safely
  • Show respect to everyone (clients, fellow workers, other VTC companies)
  • Always log your job's (with a valid screenshot proving the job was complete)


  • In the process of setting up a Teamspeak you can still join in the time being: ts32.gameservers.com:9178
  • English speaking (does not have to be fluent, just so we can understand you)
  • Age of 19+
  • Drivers must have [UDTI] in your name
  • Truck color must have the correct paint job listed on our website. Any bull-bars, lights, ect are up to you.
  • Must not have been laid off from us or any other VTC within two weeks.


  • Microphone

Staff Positions:

Although we are in desperate need of staff we will not be providing any staff applications. After you have joined with us and you have proved to us that you are reliable and you work hard we will then ask you to become a staff member of United Trucking! (Think of it as a promotion)

Senior Positions:

United Trucking believes that you earn your way to a Senior position. Stay with us long enough and be a hard working employee and we will be sure to promote you sometime down the road!


Throughout the year we will host different events such as convoys and giveaways. Be sure to apply now not to miss all of our great events!


  • Kielly - CEO/Founder of United Trucking Inc.
  • Mete - Employee
  • Pablo - Employee

Website - UnitedTrucking.net
Twitter - @TruckingUnited

Apply Now! - Click Here

Anyone willing to setup our Teamspeak perfectly will be hired on as an Administrator!
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Welcome to the forum! Nice to see another realistic company. :)

United Trucking VTC

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Manager application's are on the way.
Manager's will be responsible for reviewing job listings and accepting/denying them.
Hiring will still take place by the CEO for now but Manager's will be responsible for also keeping a track of the driver's logs (ex: If Driver1 was not active for a week, you will be required to notice that and alert the CEO)

Keep checking back for application's and requirements. Hope to have it all ready by late tomorrow. (1/5/16)
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